School of Grace

River City School of Grace

September 2013.

We are in the process of gathering resources from across the body of Christ to enable us as a local church to provide a weekly teaching resource that will equip local believers to rise up into their calling by “growing up” (Eph.4:15,16). Once begun, these sessions will run each Thursday night in the church in the form of DVD teachings (1 Hour) followed by

 group discussion. You will need your bible and a notebook!


The following topics will be covered in the first term up to Christmas.

Subject matter for this term: “Basics of Righteousness”.

First four weekly sessions will cover the subject of “Spirit, Soul and Body.”

Session 1: What happened to your spirit?

Session 2: Our spirit is righteous.

Session 3: Eternal redemption.

Session 4: Security of the believer.

The second series of sessions will cover the subject of “Identity in Christ”.

Session 1: The faith of God.

Session 2: Identity in Christ.

Session 3: The fruit of the Spirit.

Session 4: Spirit v Flesh.

The time you invest now will save you years of frustration, for you will learn to stop wasting your time by….

  1. Asking God to give you what He has already given you and
  2. Asking Him to do what He has equipped you to do.

River City Church, if you are ready….it’s time to grow up!